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Innovative Solutions for the Sign Industry

We believe that you deserve outstanding service tailored for your own unique goals and needs. Our professional team is always ready to assist you. We begin by assessing your current inventory, then working closely to establish a comprehensive plan to help you meet your objectives. We are also proud to represent industry leading manufacturers and provide the most advanced products to help your business grow and prosper.

"Mid-City Signs has been in business for the last 70 years providing Rochester and the surrounding area with quality signage and digital graphics. Throughout our existence we've seen numerous suppliers come and go. We have had the great pleasure of working with ISS since they opened their doors 4 years ago. Since then, ISS has been our top supplier for all of our regularly used products and substrates. It's rare to find a company with great products, great service and the highest of integrity. ISS, with their innovative programs and very hands on sales staff, have helped us navigate through this difficult economy and continue our success. Thank you Image Supply Source, Inc."
Chuck DiSalvo
Mid-City Signs

President & Owner

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