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DXP Blue Dual Cure Emulsion

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Product Details
Brand: CCI Chemical Consultants Inc.

Quick Overview:

ProChem® DXP Blue Emulsion is a fast drying dual cure photo emulsion and is recommended for textile printing with solvent inks, UV ink system, plastisol ink, and short run water-based screen printing inks. ProChem® DXP Blue Emulsion has a very high solid content which makes for stronger durability and better resolution. Diazo is added normally first by adding room temperature water, agitating, and then adding the solution to the screen printing emulsion. Allow the emulsion to stand for at least 2 hours to ensure any air bubbles introduced during mixing are released. Reclaiming ProChem® DXP Blue Emulsion is easy with CCI Stencil Removers, which are available in concentrate or ready-to-use formulas.

*Handle in light safe conditions and make sure to store in a cool dry place.

Physical Properties:

  • Blue Colored, Also Available In Clear
  • Virtually Pinhole & Fish Eye Free
  • Extremely Durable For Long Print Runs
  • Outstanding Resolution & Edge Definition
  • 42% Solids
Warning: Please look at our Safety Data Sheet for further information.

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