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Juliet 12" High Definition Cutter | Siser

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Product Details
Brand: Siser

The Juliet™ by Siser® has been designed to be not only advanced, but intuitive as well. Loaded with powerful features that are easy to understand, Juliet is built to seamlessly adapt to your workflow - no matter your experience or skill level.

With a high-quality motor that's up to 60% fsater than other desktop cutters while emitting nearly half as much noise, an ultra-precise machine head, and adjustable pinch-roller feeding system, Juliet earns the title of a high-definiton cutter.

Take the Guesswork Out of Cutting.

Juliet comes with dozens of pre-set cut settings for all Siser materials. Plus, you can even create and edit your own custom cut settings!

Thanks to adjustable pinch-rollers, you're not limited to a specific cut area. Utilize the entire width of the cutter for your projects - and you can choose whether or not to use a cutting mat!

Have a jumbled mess of cords coming out of your computer? Juliet can connect to your PC or Mac via WiFi for a reliable wireless experience!

Print & Cut Projects Are No problem!

Thanks to a camera built-in to the head, Juliet can read registration marks and cut full-color designs with ease.

Small Details Equal Huge Potential!

Thanks to its pinpoint accuracy, Juliet can cut some of the most intricate details with precision down to .01mm without skipping a beat!

Juliet Does More Than Just Cut!

Create beautifully drawn designs using Siser Sublimation Markers (or other drawing utensils) with the included marker adapter!


A powerful cutter is nothing without powerful software. That's why Leonardo™ Design Studio was created to be the perfect companion software to the Juliet cutter. Easily connect Juliet to Leonardo Design Studio via either the uincluded USB cable or a WiFi connection and you're ready to go!

The Best Part? Leonardo Design Studio isn't just cut software - it's also an incredibly versatile workspace. Use the built-in canvas and tools to create your own artwork, or download pre-made files from the extensive art library. You can also view swatches and specs for every Siser® material, get inspiration from our handmade projects, learn new skills with tutorial videos, and so muc more - all within a single software!

Leonardo Design Studio with every Juliet Purchase!

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